Monte Zucker – Everybody’s Mentor

September 1, 1929 – March 15, 2007 This is a special post on the tenth death anniversary of the world-renowned master of portrait and wedding photography Monte Zucker through his then protégé and business partner, Clay Blackmore.  A master in his own right, Clay introduced Monte to the two young, novice photographers (John & Kevin) in 1991.  In the years … Read More

How To Select Your Wedding Photographer

How To Select Your Wedding Photographer By Kevin Richard Reppenhagen & John Eric Dove Selecting a photographer for one’s wedding could very well be the most important decision made for the big day.  One of our clients said it best. “There are times in one’s life when capturing the essence of the moments is as important as anything on this … Read More

Photo Tip: Putting Subjects in Perspective

Photo Tip: Putting Subjects in Perspective When taking a photograph of people, you want to keep perspectives in mind.  Many times, John and I see people photographing others with a famous background, however you are not able to tell what the focus is of that photograph, which can confuse the viewer. Check out John and Graceland, Memphis, TN. I watched others ... Read More

Flash Drives As A Branding Tool

Bulk Flash Drives A Great Branding Tool The other  day I was super excited to receive our new flash drives in the mail.  Instead of branding some company that manufacturers the drive we can now brand KRR PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED.  There are a lot of choices you have too with Bulk Flash Drives. The design was a great and flexible option for us. … Read More

Maryland Marriage License From Our Expert Excerpt

Maryland Marriage License From Our Expert Excerpt Below is an ongoing series we call “Expert Excerpts”.  Expert Excerpts are written by industry leaders from their particular field to help you with helpful hints. This article is how to get your  Maryland marriage license by Hope McNew, an officiant we work we love working with quite often at Herrington on the Bay. Getting … Read More

Photography Workshops – The Facial Analysis


Photography Workshops – The Facial Analysis We start each of our portrait photographic sessions with what we think is one of the most important aspects of a great portrait-The Facial Analysis.  You have heard of “My best side.”  In order to achieve “the best side” we must determine the specific angle that will be the most flattering to each subject…. It … Read More