Capturing the Essence of Flavor: KRR Photography’s Session with Eaglewingz Brand Hot Sauces

At KRR Photography, we believe that every picture tells a story, and our recent commercial photo session with Eaglewingz Brand Hot Sauces and Delaware Sauce Company was no exception. It was a journey not just through the lens, but through the rich history and vibrant flavors that these brands bring to the table.

A Legacy of Heat and Heart

The story of Eaglewingz Brand Hot Sauces begins with a dash of serendipity and a sprinkle of creativity. In 1988, Rick Ewing, a Delmarva native, concocted the original flavor (Chesapeake Brand Gourmet Sauce), that would become the cornerstone of the brand. It was a recipe born from a casual vacation with friends, and it has not changed much since. The sauce quickly became a hit among family and friends, leading to its bottling and public debut in 2010. Since then, the company has soared, winning awards and warming hearts (and palates) across the Eastern Shore.

Illuminating Flavors with Advanced Lighting Techniques

Our task was to translate the fiery zest of Eaglewingz sauces into images that would resonate with viewers. To achieve this, we employed advanced lighting techniques that accentuated the rich colors and textures of the sauces. We used backlighting to create a halo effect, making the bottles glow as if they contained liquid sunshine. Side lighting brought out the depth and contours of the sauces, highlighting the boldness of flavors like the Chesapeake Jerk Sauce—a blend of spices that offers an explosion of heat straight from the Caribbean.

The Stars of the Show: Original Sauce Chesapeake Brand Gourmet Sauce

The original sauce, the one that started it all, remains a beloved classic. Its timeless taste captures the essence of the brand’s beginnings and its commitment to quality. The Chesapeake Jerk Sauce, on the other hand, is a testament to the brand’s innovation. It combines mustard with extra hot Caribbean jerk seasonings, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the tongue with a heat rating of 3.5 out of 10.

A Picture-Perfect Collaboration

This photo session was more than just a job for us; it was a collaboration that celebrated the art of photography and the passion behind Eaglewingz Brand Hot Sauces. We are proud to have captured the spirit of these sauces and to have helped share their story with the world. However, the success of the session is due to the hard work done before the session by Cassie Ewing, Vice President, and happy daughter of Rick, who helped John before the session by talking through the must haves and props needed for the photo shoot. 

John’s favorite photographing is the “Ghost of the Chesapeake” sauce. Capturing the essence of such a unique product can be quite exciting, especially with the right props that evoke the spirit of the Chesapeake.  John had said, “Dare to venture into the unknown, just like the ‘Ghost of the Chesapeake’ —unseen but deeply felt. Capture the essence of authenticity in every shot.”

The highlight of the session was the gift box filled with Pineapple Teriyaki, The Original, Cayenne Cassie’s, Pepe Le Parm, and a special flavor for Kevin the Delaware Peach. Stay tuned for more flavorful adventures with KRR Photography and make sure you check out the delicious creations of Eaglewingz Brand Hot Sauces and Delaware Sauce Company.

At KRR Photography, we are not just about taking pictures; we are about capturing memories & milestones. If you are looking for a photography partner that understands the essence of your brand, reach out to us. Let us create something beautiful together.

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