Event Photography Services

Event photography is a diverse genre of photography that spans across commercial, governmental, and personal photography. Event photography can be fast moving and does not always go as planned. It is for that reason that photographers covering those events require proficiency and experience. Event photographers then, have to be flexible and skilled with the ability to capture what unfolds during the event. At KRR we have developed this flexibility and skill over the years by photographing 100s of events across all genres. The techniques, processes, and experience are what we believe positively separates KRR photography from our competition.

Our unique approach to event photography, whether it is a United States presidential inaugural ball, mitzvahwedding, or company picnic is to work closely with the point of contact before the event takes place so that there is an understanding of the wants and needs. We often times come up with alternative directions just in case the event photography list has to be altered or changed like inclement weather at a wedding.

The cost of Event photography can vary greatly and for that reason we let you personalize your event deliverables based on your wants, needs, and budget with flexibility; you won’t be locked into any pre-set packages that might make you spend more or buy something you did not really need. Because we are flexible, we want to first discuss your wants and needs to work out the best budget for you.

Event photography is where KRR started, KRR photography has been covering events for over 20 years. While KRR is based in Annapolis, MD we have photographed events in Annapolis, across the DVM area, and country. Each event is special and can be very different for others and we also understand that prepackaged events will never fit everyone’s desires. After we understand what you are looking for in your event photography and what you for products (if any besides the photography itself) then we work together and walk you through each step in the contract so you know exactly what you are getting and paying for.

KRR also invests in our own photographic education and we stay current on the trends of event photography. Through this education and experience, we are skilled at using advanced photo techniques and lighting to produce a genuine image. With this, we are also skilled in all three styles of photography so we can work with you to understand your vision of the day and capture the wedding perfectly so the prominence of the event is captured forever.