Elopement of Jeannie & James: A Rainy Day Romance at The Barn at Pleasant Acres

The Barn at Pleasant Acres, in Saint Leonard, MD. revealed its charm as soon as we stepped inside. High-class and elegantly decorated, it exuded warmth and sophistication. Flower petals and candles adorned the space, creating an intimate ambiance. The table settings, simple yet elegant, invited guests to share in the couple’s joy. With an intimate guest list of 18, Jeannie and James were surrounded by their closest family and friends. The cozy atmosphere allowed everyone to share in their joy and celebrate their love. Jeannie and James, a sweet and adventurous couple, embarked on their elopement journey. The rain-kissed landscape provided a romantic backdrop for their wedding. Jeannie’s laughter echoed through the barn as James held her close. We captured stolen glances, whispered promises, and the quiet moments that define love. The weather added drama, turning their elopement into a story worth telling.

The Rain Dance

The day before and even the morning of the elopement, rain poured down relentlessly, threatening to dampen our spirits. But as luck would have it, the rain gods smiled upon us, pushing the storm away just in time. Jeannie and James stepped into their magical day with hope and excitement, ready to create memories that would last generations. Despite the looming rain clouds, their love story unfolded beautifully, leaving us with unforgettable memories and stunning images.

Our Unique Approach

As wedding photographers at KRR Photography, Ltd, we pride ourselves on our unique approach. We took the time to understand Jeannie and James—their vision, their dreams, and their love story. Listening carefully to their desires, we guided them through the process, ensuring that every detail was meticulously planned. Quality was our mantra, and we wanted their images to reflect the depth of their connection. Jeannie’s 5-star review speaks volumes about the impact of our approach it had on their special day. You can see the review here.

A Shout-Out to the Dream Team

We couldn’t have made this picture perfect elopement come true without the incredible team at The Barn at Pleasant Acres. Megan, who was the coordinator at The Barn welcomed us with open arms. Her highly professional and friendly staff ensured that every detail was perfect. The officiant, Linda (of Knots of Love by Linda) lead a beautifully intimate ceremony. Linda also made sure we were able to get awesome images while still keeping the sanctity of the moment. Let’s not forget about internationally award-winning, John Dove, from KRR Photography, who photographed the wedding with experience and emotion. Everyone played a vital role in creating magic.

Julie Sickle: The Heart Behind It All

Julie Sickle, the visionary behind The Barn at Pleasant Acres, poured her heart into every corner of the venue. Her commitment to creating a couples experience for couples’ shines through. Jeannie and James became part of that family, and their elopement will forever be etched in the venue’s history.

Wrapping it up…

Jeannie and James dodged the rain, laughed under the eaves, and promised forever in a cozy barn. Their love story, captured in timeless images, will be shared across generations. Cheers to Jeannie and James, and to The Barn at Pleasant Acres—a place where dreams come true, rain or shine.


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