Michelle Fooks

Dear Kevin,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and John for the pictures that you just took of Mandy. It is really nice that you willingly agreed to go out on location at the request of your clients. Having Mandy pictures taken at Quiet Waters Park not only provided us with wonderful photos to choose from but an opportunity for Mandy and I to have a lot of fun.

I have wanted to send a thank you note in the past for many other great photos that you have provided. I’m especially thankful to have the multi generation pictures of “Granny and the Girls” that were taken last winter. Those pictures really captured a moment in time that are treasured by many in my family.

Well, as we expect are second child it is nice to know that we can rely on two terrific photographers to mark the chapters in our life. After all, it all started with meeting and choosing you to do our wedding photographs close to 5 years ago.

Thanks again for your natural patience (that means a lot to a parent) and you’re truly great gift to continually provide priceless photos