Joy M. Brown

Dear Mr. Reppenhagen,

It is imperative I write you this letter expressing my feelings regarding your photography session and photograph results. There are no words to describe how very proud I am of the photographs you made of my most cherished animals. I was also pleased with the studio session and your enduring patience. I regard my animals as my children and was glad to find a professional, like yourself, who would understand those feelings.

When friends and visitors enter our home and see your work they are also very complimentary. As a matter of fact, I’ve been encouraged to send a couple of your pictures to PEDIGREE for use in their advertisement series. Should pedigree request permission to use these photographs I will forward that request to you. Your work is outstanding and you alone should receive full credit.

In closing, please accept my sincere thanks for such an outstanding job. Please feel free to share this letter of satisfaction with any one of your potential clients.