Richard “Joe” Roundtree

Along with my three business partners, I own an entertainment company. I am also the band leader for a washington-based musical group free spirit. This letter is to verify I have known and worked closely with Kevin Reppenhagen and John Dove of KRR Photography Limited for several years. They are the photography firm of choice that we have selected to photograph the promotional shots for our performers at the entertainment change including Free Spirit.

You can tell by their work that they really strive for perfection and produce the best possible product in a timely manner. They work they provide is as good as any I have seen by the so-called leaders in the Washington photography field. I have personal clients that have used KRR Photography Limited for more than one event which certainly is a testament to their work. It also shows how much Kevin and John care about professionalism in the job they do. Other agents in our office also recommend them to many of their clients without hesitation because they know that KRR will always do an excellent job.

It is my pleasure to recommend two photographers of their caliber to such a prestigious magazine we look forward to working with KRR in the future and I hope to have a continued friendly and business relationship for years to come.