Commerical Services


Commercial photographer, KRR Photography, is located in Annapolis, MD.  KRR provides a host of products and services to serve your company’s marketing and needs.  Our services include professional photographic resources like head & shoulder photography, team photos, year end reports/video production, website design, printed & digital collateral, and logo design. Here at KRR, we work with you and your team to develop the most effective and strategic commercial photographic sessions, commercial videos, and logo designs to be integrated into updated website design. Printed collateral is also designed with all of the services encompassing your corporate brand and marketing plan and strategies in mind.

KRR Photography support local Maryland business and we belong to and are the official photographers to other Maryland organizations such as the ABC CHESAPEAKE SHORES (ABC Chesapeake and Eastern Shore), Maryland Motor Coach Association, Maryland Hotel and Lodging Association (MH&LA), Maryland Tourism Coalition (MTC – formally Maryland Tourism Council), Ocean City Hotel Motel and Restaurant Association (OCHMR) and have worked with the Regional Manufacturing Institute for a number of years.

We have worked with them to execute visual media for recruitment and retention of members. We have also photographed many of their as well as most of their events. We have been in business for 25 years and our passion is helping businesses grow through the photography, video and web design services we provide.

We provide photography that covers the gamut from site work, progress photography, staff, fleet and product as well as finished work product.

Sampling of our project work:

There are many ways to approach the financial investment as each job has its own unique set of variables so we can provide pricing on an individual job basis. We can also set a standard budget for projects as we have a number of yearly contracts which is usually the most cost effective approach.

We welcome your questions or how best we might work together; you can contact us at 410-280-3535, info @ krrphotography (link broken to prevent spam, or fill out our contact form.

Some other ways that Annapolis Commercial Photographer KRR PHOTOGRAPHY can help you in your business us:


  • Photographs for insurance purposes
  • Enhance your blog posts and articles with photography
  • Add benefit to client meetings
  • Photograph your work flow and efficiencies  
  • Photography for milestones (like anniversaries, employee of the month campaign, speaking engagements) 
  • Take photos of important events and functions (Market Place Photography, speaking engagement, golf outings, team events)
  • Enhance PowerPoint presentations with photography
  • Take mandatory photos (photography to show compliance, photography for websites, etc).
  • Create promotional or informational videos using still photography
  • Head & Shoulder photography for bios, social media, and other events.