Awarded one of the best Maryland Photographers, this page explains what drives KRR PHOTOGRAPHY. Not only recognized as one of the best Maryland Photographers we continue to strive to be the best as we continuously improve our products, processes, and ourselves with our client’s and their feedback in mind.

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Vision Statement

The image resource that is totally client focused.

Mission Statement

K.R.R. Photography, Ltd. the image resource that is totally client focused. We have achieved this by employing a client focused ‘total quality satisfaction’ philosophy.

Core Values

  • CANDOR – has an environment of open, honest, truthful, and complete communication.
  • COMMITMENT – To provide exceptional client service and client care. In addition, we are committed to the vision, mission, and team success.
  • COURAGE – when necessary, we will do the ‘hard’ right, rather than the ‘easy’ wrong because of our passion and client commitment.
  • COMPASSION – for our client’s, co-workers, vendors, and community.
  • COMPETENCE – we continuously improve ourselves and our organization.

Our Clients

Clients will view K.R.R. as honest, hardworking, competent, reliable, and consistent. K.R.R.’s philosophy will be to exceed client expectations and to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. K.R.R. will employ a client satisfaction – total quality philosophy. Based on its client satisfaction philosophy, clients will be K.R.R.’s most powerful marketing tool and they will highly recommend K.R.R. to others.

Our Team Members

At K.R.R. Photography, Ltd. our team members will be satisfied. K.R.R. will value its team member’s opinion, treat them with respect, be fair, and honest. K.R.R. will offer the highest-level compensation and benefits possible. K.R.R. understands that team members are their most valuable resource. K.R.R. will be diligent in its efforts to see that team members will be highly trained and will have the necessary tools & skills to consistently achieve corporate goals.

Community at Large

The community will regard K.R.R. as a company that they are proud to have representing them. K.R.R. will give back to the community through opportunities through various charities and nonprofit organizations. K.R.R. participates in charity work in the community on regular basis.

The Photographic Community

The photographic community will view K.R.R. as a valuable resource for mentorship, leadership, and a source in perpetual photographic education. K.R.R. will view the photographic community, not as competitors, but valuable allies by collaborating on photographic opportunities. Furthermore, K.R.R. will be responsible for providing revenue to photographers through photographic assignments throughout the United States and abroad.